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About Us

Avalar = “Support”

Avalar is the Spanish word that means “to support” or “to guarantee.

Avalar supports our clients’ resource needs by providing highly effective recruiting and talent acquisition services. We have worked in the local market for many years, and understand its dynamics. The quality of our staffing services is guaranteed by our commitment to excellence in serving both our clients and our candidates with the utmost professionalism in helping them to attain their goals.

Avalar = “Resource-Full”

This isn’t a typo, it’s a credo.

Resourceful for our clients- We understand the challenges of talent acquisition and management, and have successfully provided creative solutions to clients to identify and secure the right resources for their critical projects and fulltime roles.

Resourceful for our candidates- We work with select clients, providing them with advice and guidance, in addition to topflight talent. As a result, we have unique relationships with project and hiring managers, ensuring our candidates that they are being presented to the best possible situations that fit their skills and objectives.

Resource-full- We know the market and the talent. We understand how to find the exceptional talent that only seasoned recruiters can find. There are many ways to model a recruiting organization. One of the most common models is to hire inexperienced staff, teach them some recruiting “basics”, and throw them into action. This is a typical model and may work well for some organizations, but it’s not Avalar’s model.

We employ highly experienced recruiters with a deep and thorough knowledge of the local market, its people, skills and industries. They have the subject matter depth, methodology, tools and contacts needed to ensure success. Seasoned recruiters have much broader, stronger networks to find the passive candidates who are often the ones most likely to best fit the position.

Avalar = “Connected”

Through our sister company, Auxis, Inc., we have been established in the South Florida market since 1997. Auxis is a leading South Florida based management consulting and outsourcing firm. One of the hallmarks of Auxis is the ability to find, attract and retain quality staff in this market.

Avalar brings that high end recruiting capability to our clients and candidates. We know the best talent in the market, and what they do best. Avalar’s recruiting process leverages the expertise of our professional search specialists, and the deep skills and experience of Auxis. The Auxis team helps to ask the key questions of our clients to ensure that the job and its context are properly understood. We ask the key questions of our candidates to ensure that they meet the qualifications of the job, and can be successful in the role.

Many staffing companies claim to practice “value-added staffing”, but typically place Internet job postings, gather resumes and “hope” that they are sending the right candidates for the job description. At Avalar, we make sure that the pieces truly fit.

Avalar = “Selective”

We are selective in the types of companies, positions and candidates that we work with. This allows us to focus on delivering high quality staffing services. Recruiting is not a numbers game to us. It’s a profession, and we’re good at it. At Avalar, “nuestra reputacion lo aval” - our reputation speaks for itself.

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